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18sal ki goral ki sax

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We had so much laguage so se desided to go early so finally train came and we went inside dont u belive my mom and tai make some extra bags becouse of marrige they all have so much saries becosue of marrige in train we cant find the space for all the bags where to put them becosue plan was that in which boggi we will have all seats we will put alll the accocaries there only in other where we have 3 seat we will not put anything becosue of security then my father deside we have to use upper seat then we put atleast 7 bags there then now we have 10 seats mini ko meri tau ki larki ne kha a ja mere sath nisha vahi bethi thi abhi deside nahi hua tha sabne bola beta yahi beth ja to my cousin sis and my sis went to next boggi same seat and bhai bhi vahi the1 seat par or or mere chacha bhi vaha1 seat par or niche i par anty samne tai ji fir bich vali 2no seats par mere papa or tauji or samne vali berth par niche vali par meri mom or uper vali par chachi that was deside suddenly mom give me dosa becosue i did eat anything so she packed it before and ask me to eat on my seat 2 light jal rahi thi tabhi nisha boli mujhe bhi bhuk lagi hian kuch do to tai boli ja rahul ke sath jake kha le she came to my seat as u all knw its winter so i was in train rajai she too came in rajai we both eat i had my my mp3 with me so now nisha is deside to lay with me and we were hearing the songs then my tau ji close all the lights and the all dark there i was in my rajai with nisha without any intention we were laisening the song the space wasnot much so we both just adjusted the she start talk slowly she asked it will be enjoy in party i said yes then she ask how much time train take to reach there i asked her 2 and half day or may be three suddenly she try to cunvery her side but i said what r u doing its not bed i covered her with my hand my friends it was arround 12.25 of time and my first touch to her i fill my rist on her breast we were leasening the songs and i did not remove my hand from her and with in this 2 or 3 minute my mind was change now nisha is girl for me with me for 2 days i can feel her breths the i said her nisha or idhar ho ja vo boli app kha letege apko problem hogi meri vajah se apko pareshani hogi tab mere use bato bato me bola kuch nahi hoga teri vajah se pagli hum sabse jyada enjoy karege or vo mere bilkul pass ho gai or mera hath ab bhi uske uper hi tha fir hum gane sun rahe the to vo boli bhia. Mene kha fine fir mene bola tera vo boli thik hian mene kha koi boy friend hian usne kha nahi vo boli tumhari koi g.f hian mene kha nahi fir ab hamari bato se i got bit more relax i took my hand bit neat to her breasts but not completly she was awere of this move then usne kaha ki tumhare friend tumhe chidate nahi ki teri koi g,f nahi to me bola kehte to hain par kya kare fir vo boli kisi ko bana lo g,f mene kha aise kaise fir mene bola yar 25th ko party hian friends ki sab g,f ke sath hoge vaha sirf cople a sakte hain us din mujhe bura lagega jab main nahi ja pauga to vo boli mujhe le jana mene kha chalegi to boli ha then i set ok ghar chal ke sochege but then usne kaha yeh sab ghar me pata nahi chalna chiye kabhi bhi now i got some courage mene kha nahi chalega par mene kaha yar vo to sab pahle movie jayega fir malls vagah then end main bhudha garden vo boli vo kya hain mene kha vo khali plase hian jha couple close hote hain vo halka sa hasi boli hame bhi jana padega fir sabke sath or sab kuch karege to maine kaha vohi to tenshon hain to usne koi tenshon nahi time ayega to dekh lege hum main ab tak lagbhag kafe confidence me a gaya tha ki fir usne 1 bar fir dohra diya dekho jo bhi ho bas ghar me bat nahi pata chalna chiye kisi bhi hal main maine kha saval hi nahi uthta ab main confidence main tha bas pahel karne ki soch raha tha usne acchanak kaha mujhe poti aye hain mene kaha bathroom ja usne kha akele maine kha me bhi chalta hu hum bathroom gaye or main 5 6 minute bahar khada raha tabhi vo a gai thoti se uncomfortable lag rahi thi vo mene kha kya hua nisha vo boli kuch nahi fir mene usne hath dhoya hum seat par a gaye vo ab bhi uncomfortable thi mene kha kya hua mujhe nahi batayegi to ab mene rajai me uske chahre par hath rakh liya lagbhag mere 1 tang ab uske uper thi vo boli sorry mene kha kya hua vo boli mujhe kuch kahoge nahi na mene kya mujhpe yakin han or apne hath uske sir ne niche le gaya or bola ab bata kya hua to vo boli bathroom me pani nahi tha mene 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boli nahi or mujhe gale laga liye or boli hotho ko chuse ya boobs ko me tumhe gandi jagan nahi lagane dugi mouth mene kha thik hian fir kafi der tak lips or boobs ke maze lene ke bad maine use kaha skirt uper kar de usne ki pahle main uske age se dalna chahta tha mene halka niche hoke kachi niche kar di vo mujhe uper layi or lips par kiss karke boli yeh sab asan nahi pura family hian mene kya jitna kar sakte hain utna karege vo boli par isse bahut dard hota hain mene kha aram se karege to usne kha are tumhe nahi pata ye karne se is boggi me kya baki bogio ke bhi log jag jayega main mene kha nahi hoga aisa to vo boli main janti hu mene kha tu kaise janti hian vo boli lips par kiss karke meri jan me janti hu bas mane use kha mujhe bhi nahi batayegi to vo boli mummy papa ko dekha hian bahut bar mene kha kya karne hue vo boli sex karte hian vo dono mostly saturday sunday dono din to mene kha kya tu dekhti hian vo boli ha unke room main 1 khitki hian usse na jane kitni bar dekh chuki hu ya 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Edotek has been engaged on tasks which may have taken anything from half a day or up to 3 years to complete!

Vo sahi se mere taraf ho gai or aram se uske chote chote chuche mere hath me a gaye sahi se fir usne bola jo ham kar rahe hian vohi karte hain vo pahle kiss fir papa mummy ke sare badan par pyar karte hain or fir vohi jo tum karne ja rahe boli jab papa karte hain to mummy itni awaj karti hian agar tum karego to ab main nahi karugi awaj par mene kaha aisa time fir kab melega vo boli mera yakin karo abhi ghar jake aram se 10 din me 1 bar ho jaya karega mene kaha abhi man kar raha agar yaha nahi to bathroom chalte hain vo boli late nahi paugi to mene kaha jaise kaise karke karte hain to fir bathroom gai or main bhi chala gaya fir bathroom main main uski kachi niche ki or usse ulta jhukne ko kaha vo jhuk gai fir maine land nikala or uske chutar(ass) main dalna lage pat ghus nahi pa raha tha kyoki train bahut tej chal rahi thi fir mene apne land par thuk lagaya or dalne ki koshis ki usne apni puri tange khol li fir bhi nahi ja raha tha kyoki uska chutar thand ke mare jakade hue the or vo 14 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here is rishu..i m new at here...i m from bathinda [ punjab].

Main apko ek sachi baat batane ja raha hun.badi nhi par yahan ki story padke raha nhi gaya apko batae bina..naam rishu hai.age 22 saal hai..height 5'8, fair, handsome , and innocent and sincere and sharmila bhi bht hun.bhi punjab ki ladki mujhse contact kar sakti hai mera promice hai unki sabhi baat confidencial rakhi jaengi..pehle mail se contact karna phir we can talk on mobile..mujhe jadatar choti age ki ladkiyan pasand hai so aunties ke liye sorry..i like 18 to 25 years old ladki apni sex ki pyaas bujhana chahti hai aur yeh bhi chahti hai ki kisi ko pta na lage to mujhse contact kare aur agar woh punjab ki hi hai to main unki city mein bhi aa sakta hun unke liye..mujhe mail karo [email protected] chalo ab story batata hun.baat ajj se 5 saal purani hai.18 saal ka tha..hamari family mein meri sis aur mere mamma papa rehte hain.hamari join family hai to mere chacha aur unki family bhi hamare sath hi rehti meion chacha, chachi, unka ek ladka.

Ek ladki hai..ladki ka naam suman hai.uski age 18 saal ki thi.dekhne mein 18 saal lagti thi.bht hi sunder , taal and smart se usko like karta tha.dar lagta tha ki woh meri sis jaisi hi hai.sax sirf ladke ke liye nhi ladki ke liye bhi jaruri hota hai.boobs us time bhi bht bade the..karib 32 size tha uska.kaafi choti thi isliye usko shayad itna pata nhi tha sex ke bare mein.main abhi naya naya sex ka shaukin hua tha..kyunki is age mein apne ap hi mann karne lagta hai sex ka.ek din ki baat hai ghar par main meri sis unki do frds aur meri cousins thi.sab to choti thi aur hum sab ek saath khel rahe the.bht mann tha ki main suman ke mumme ko touch karun par kaise main yeh soch raha tha.mere dimag mein ek idea aaya..maine suman ko chedne lag gaya ki woh bht moti hai aur main sab ko utha sakta hun par usko nhio.bolne lagi nhi ji main moti nhi maine kaha chalo main utha ke dekhta hun agar maine utha liya tujhe to main maan jaunga.kaha theek hai..maine usko godi mein utha liya aur uthathe hue usko mumme ko jor se touch kiya..mujhe bht maja aaya..shayad usko bhi acha laga..

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