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And yet if you ask E club members about the place's numerous luxuries, they'll profess an almost Buddhist indifference.The retina scanner, the private cabanas, the pristine environs—they're all nice, but they're not When I make the mistake of gushing about them in front of one E clubber—a 58-year-old semi-retired executive of a private intelligence firm—he corrects me solemnly, like he's re-orienting a compass: “The journey of Equinox,” he says, “the fitness journey, is a journey into self-discovery.”Equinox is known as a rich person's gym, which is an accurate but incomplete description.

a form of weights that would evolve into dumbbells.And the more personal it became, the more special it had to be: In 2016, folks will pay almost any amount of money to achieve the level of privacy and luxury and individual attention they feel suits their life, or their “lifestyle.” Nobody has understood this better than Equinox, which has brought the innocent gymnasium—the ancient Greeks are either rolling or fist-pumping in their graves—to its evolutionary peak: the E club.You probably haven't heard of it, because it's not explicitly advertised anywhere (or because you don't live in New York, the only place special enough for this very special Equinox). An unlisted address, because the kind of people who join—successful, powerful, driven—value discretion above all.When he travels to the various Equinoxes around the globe, his New York trainer will simply e-mail his routine to another trainer at his destination so he can continue his program seamlessly. But just for kicks, we mixed Equinox slogans with mantras from the Church of Scientology.And since Equinox is just a gym, surely you can tell whose is whose. Every Equinox vibrates at its own specific frequency, depending on the location and the time of day. Carrie Battan reports on how Equinox turned sweating into a spiritual quest.

For the right (high) price, Equinox will give you all of that—but it wants a chunk of your soul, too.

One of those members was the fashion-advertising titan David Lipman, who had been displaced from his downtown apartment and found sanctuary in Equinox's Tribeca location.

Ever the marketer, Lipman sought out Spevak to pitch him on spinning his human experience into branding gold.

You won't find a single primary color in any of Equinox's locations, just lots of cream and black and gray.

Ostentation is forbidden, particularly when it comes to one's body.

It certainly isn't cheap: Monthly membership fees start at around $150 and climb higher as the locations—84 in three countries so far, plus an Equinox-themed hotel chain in the works—get fancier.