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It was big on moments of mild amusement if short on big laughs. The Simpsons didn’t get off to a slow start exactly in its first season but it hadn’t yet developed the blinding speed and breathtaking comic density of its oft-transcendent second and third season. Stray Observations— —“Why was I cursed with this weakness for snack treats?

Princess Kashmir is first seen during Eugene Fisk's bachelor party.I will recount the whole sorry incident in a blog post tomorrow so with no further ado let’s discuss this week’s classic Simpsons joint.For the second time in as many weeks, The Simpsons addressed a threat to Homer and Marge’s perpetually embattled but fundamentally healthy marriage.Teeny • Scott Christian • Booberella • Gabbo • Lurleen Lumpkin • Celebrities Superintendant Chalmers • Seymour Skinner • Edna Krabappel • Elizabeth Hoover • Groundskeeper Willie • Otto Mann • Lunchlady Doris • Dewey Largo • Dr. Dee Wright, founder of London-based Hairforce which offers a specialised ‘Lice Assasins’ service, told Mail Online: 'That's a very extreme case.She has been known to work at "Florence of Arabia", "Girlesque", "Foxy Boxing", "Mud City", "Sapphire Lounge" and as a fan dancer at "La Maison Derrière", where Homer payed more attention to her rather than to a conversation between him and Belle.

She is seen with many men throughout the series, including Apu before his marriage to Manjula.

There’s the old school show business nature of the stag party where Homer frolics with the stripper, with its boy's-night-out air of mild exoticism and the Dean Martin-like lounge singer who singles out Homer as a particularly swinging dude after he attempts to make amends by tracking down exotic dancer Princess Jasmine.

Considering how dramatically pornographic technology has advanced over the past twenty years, the very notion that a picture of a drunken married man dancing with a modestly attired exotic dancer would scandalize an entire community feels incredibly antediluvian.

Like “Life on the Fast Lane”, “Homer’s Night Out” is more character than gag-based.

Like so many first season episodes, it concerns Homer’s attempts to make Bart proud of him and the lengths he’ll go to win his son’s love and approval.

She also was one of the celebrities who sang with Sting, the song "We're Sending Our Love Down the Well".