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List of girls looking for sex chat on skype

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She said she worked for Medical Pharmacies Group Inc., , a French conglomerate.

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Clockwise from top left, they go by Francois Shaibend, Carine Surgers, Justine Bissett and Ange Leroy.There is a special place in hell for people who pray on the kindness, generosity and loneliness of others.But our investigation discovered a more sinister, temporal threat–the Islamic State and other terror groups.She professed her deep love over and over, and her wish to get married. “One of the cruelest scams is the Lonely Hearts Scam,” according to a Web site devoted to Internet fraud.We talked about baby names, how many children we wanted, intimate conversations that real lovers often share. She repeatedly asked us to trust her and promised she would never hurt us. “With this scam people are fooled into thinking that they have met their ‘true love’ online.However, once someone sends money for a ticket that is usually the last they hear from the “true love.” Source: Google’s social media site has few controls and multiple avenues for deception that makes it perfect for the Islamic State and other groups to raise funds surreptitiously through various scams.

During the course of our investigation, was able to penetrate two distinct groups of scammers.

Carine set up the scam by claiming she was an only child; her parents were dead.

She said she had just gone through a devastating breakup with her boyfriend.

She said she not only attended Catholic school, but attended church every week and devoutly believed in God. We revealed our evidence of identity theft and other mis-steps exposing her fraud.

Yet, when she was asked about the Papal Schism of 1378, which laid the foundation for the French Catholic Church, she didn’t know anything about it. We let Francois play out her scam unimpeded from start to finish, which of course ended with a plea for money. We hoped to shame her into dropping her ruse, thinking she would discuss the scam with us candidly. At one point, we asked to see her driver’s license or passport to prove her identity. Throughout our sometimes heated confrontations over her identity, she stuck doggedly to her script. She insisted she was telling the truth, pleaded for trust and swore she wanted marriage.

Google’s social media platform is conducive to scams because it allows private chat conversations between circle members.