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Male bisexual phone chat

Ok so I've always been curious about sex with the other gender, growing up my brother was bisexual and I wanted to know what was so good about it.

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I was trying to find a bi guy who would let me suck his **** and put an ad on CL.The first thing I would do at the table is to 'observe' the players - not to gauge their poker skills (maybe I should) but to assess their gayness or their bisexuality probability, and of course their 'size'. I have always been interested in both men and women (particularily older than I am). I had finally decided to explore my feelings so made a trip to "Our Gang". We started to play truth or dare and when I asked my wife she said dare,so I said I wanted her to suck one of the ladies...One of my EP friends belongs to a sexual bucket list group and I think that is fantastic subject matter. My wife and I are out to dinner, she is wearing a very sexy black dress with no panties, and a very tight black lacey top with no bra.i am wearing tight blue jeans with no underwear and a black button up shirt that the top 3...I am very sexually active and have been lucky enough to have had several talented lovers but lately I have been fantasizing about being forced into sex with several dominating men...

I have the next sevral days free so I had already decided to take a trip into the city to... I overcompensated in trying to be manly to make up for the feelings I was having. As i said in my earlier experience I enjoy older men.

I'm cut and for some reason I feel I've been ****** over. I have played with other peoples ***** for many years I never put a label on my activities I always thought of myself as straight Now I know that while I have not emotional attachment to men, I do not look at a guy and say I wonder what his **** looks like nor do I want to be... I was suprised to see someone from my town on there. Was cruising the net through the yahoo groups, it was 930 or so just one of those summer nights that was warmer but not to hot days. None of the regulars were on-line so I was looking for anyone to chat with. I had always dreamed of being with another man since I was a teen and I learned about gay men from where my mother worked.

In highschool I used the YMCA a lot, handball courts, weight room , swimming pool. I wanted to try giving and getting oral sex with a guy. Out of curiosity I clicked on and ended up sending a message. He boss was gay and after I learned, I would lay around at night and wonder what it was like to have another mans **** in my hands and mouth and see him... Friday afternoon I was reading some bi stuff that developed a craving to suck a ****.

I got a lot of guys pretending to be interested but they always stopped short of actually meeting. This week my wife and i were on vacation and we decided to go to an adult **** store.

I finally got a responce from a guy who lived about 20 minutes from me and he asked if I would be... I am a former semi-pro athlete - very fit and muscular. I have been there once before and my wife has never been.

I was inspired to post my own list, but the group he's in is very small and not bi specific.