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Chicago escort services play the dating game online

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"This person urged us to drop everything immediately and go to Long Island and find our daughter and rescue her." The Nichols now feared their daughter was being held prisoner in a sex-trafficking ring. "When we investigate a missing person we do such things such as we track their activities, their banking, their driver's license, checking on databases to see if there has been any activity," said Nohr."There has been no activity under the Kara Nichols' name." As the layers of their precious daughter's life slowly peeled away, the Nichols found out that some of Kara's other modeling gigs were sometimes a cover for an escort service, even though Model Mayhem is a legitimate site for models.

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Then, we toured two rooms where all the dark magic happens.It’s true, we ventured to these two secret spots -- one in Logan Square and the other in the West Loop -- to show you where you can make your sexual fantasies into realities (yes, even that kinky one that you’ve never said out loud).Chicago Dungeon Rentals’ owner, Sophia Chase, guided us into a discreet building located in the Logan Square neighborhood -- the location is not made public and there is a vetting process to gain admission to the space.“Slightly less intimidating than the other playrooms,” says Chase.“When folks are brand new to kink, this is the room I recommend.” Upon entering, you’ll come across oversized mirrors and a bondage table, which is a nice cushioned space used to restrain your partner horizontally, stretch them out, and do whatever your heart (and libido) desires.This room is used “for scenes that are a bit darker, heavier psychological play,” says Chase.

“It’s a more intense and imposing room.” If you’re ready to take it to the next level, the chamber awaits.

"But in today's world the strangers are somebody they know.

It's our own homegrown individuals trafficking them, it may be the father down the street, the minister down the street, the coach down the street, women traffic kids, and parents traffic their own kids." The leads the Coalition received early on did not look good.

Here are some other goodies you’ll find: Saint Andrew's cross Originally created to worship Andrew -- the patron saint of freakiness (? Bolted to the wall, Saint Andrew's Cross is great for stand-up bondage.

“If someone needs an extra little encouragement to stay in one place, this is good for intense sensation or being whipped,“ says Chase.

In the past, we here at Thrillist have told you about some cool hidden stuff around Chicago -- speakeasies, supper clubs, that secret Potbelly menu that made sandwich lovers love us and sandwich makers not love us.