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In 1759, the British defeated the French in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham at Québec City — marking the end of France’s empire in America.The commanders of both armies, Brigadier James Wolfe and the accommodated the principles of British institutions to the reality of the province.

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The Beginnings of Democracy Democratic institutions developed gradually and peacefully.In 1776, the 13 British colonies to the south of Quebec declared independence and formed the United States. More than 40,000 people loyal to the Crown, called “Loyalists,” fled the oppression of the American Revolution to settle in Nova Scotia and Quebec.Joseph Brant led thousands of Loyalist Mohawk Indians into Canada.Warfare was common among Aboriginal groups as they competed for land, resources and prestige.The arrival of European traders, missionaries, soldiers and colonists changed the native way of life forever.In 1608 Champlain built a fortress at what is now Québec City. Champlain allied the colony with the Algonquin, Montagnais, and Huron, historic enemies of the Iroquois, a confederation of five (later six) First Nations who battled with the French settlements for a century. The French and Aboriginal people collaborated in the vast fur-trade economy, driven by the demand for beaver pelts in Europe.

Outstanding leaders like Jean Talon, Bishop Laval, and Count Frontenac built a French Empire in North America that reached from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico.

A CEO who was fired for allegedly dating an employee while he was still married asked the company's board for permission to date the woman - and despite being giving the nod of approval was forced to resign anyway.

Now it has been revealed that Mr Mac Millan actually went to the board to seek permission to have a relationship with Jennifer Koch, 41, and was told it would be OK so long as she resigned - which she did two weeks later. Parfet, right, spoke about Stephen Mac Millan at a recent meeting saying, 'We'd like to clearly state he never violated any company policy nor any code of conduct.'Mr Mac Millan's performance in the company was said to be excellent.

The Vikings from Iceland who colonized Greenland 1,000 years ago also reached Labrador and the island of Newfoundland.

The remains of their settlement, l’Anse aux Meadows, are a World Heritage site.

The native people lived off the land, some by hunting and gathering, others by raising crops.