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Tom Waits, the last beatnik, started out with simple barroom ballads and singer-songwriter fare until basically creating his own genre.Known for his gravelly voice and strange stories within his songs about weirdos and misfits, Waits first appeared in film with ), Dwight Yoakam, once in a great while, will appear in a film — and it’s almost always a pleasant surprise.

Instead, for now their unique offerings are on display at festivals and special events.While he started out with small parts in TV movies, Yoakam’s breakout role came in 1996 with Billy Bob Thornton’s as the ski-masked robber whose face we don’t see until the third act, Yoakam’s acting prowess is truly revealed.He plays the character of Raoul with an intensity and desperation — and squeals when his fingers get cut off in the door — turning in a performance unlike any other musician-turned-actor on this top crossovers list and managing to hold his own even when acting with the likes of Forest Whitaker and Jodie Foster.He has lent his inimitable deep voice to numerous video games and animated features and still, on occasion, pops up in supporting roles.Ice Cube was a member of one of the most terrifying gangster rap groups of the early ’90s, N. A., which was a huge success with millions in record sales. But before Will Smith graced our TV screens, he and DJ Jazzy Jeff released such hit songs as “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and “Summertime.” Later, Will Smith would outgrow the sitcom role that made him famous and appear in summer blockbusters including (and composed some music for the game as well).When my death comes in , it’s after a harrowing time of emotions, unsettling events and unexpected circumstances.

I welcome the appearance of an Igor-like character who opens the furnace’s chute for my body to enter.

I’m relieved, as her frenzied movements were making me uncomfortable. I’m going to be found in this hotel room, exposed and vulnerable. I look down at my penis again, because I can’t stop looking.

I don’t know how I got here or if I’ll get out alive. I’m on the floor now, and there’s a knock at the door. I’ve looked around the room for clues, but it’s just a mess and I can’t focus on anything. It’s the only thing that connects me to this body, the knowledge that I am a man.

David Bowie passed away in January 2016, leaving behind a tremendous and varied body of work.

His son, Duncan Jones, is a director and writer making a major splash in Hollywood with films like .

I’m not afraid but relieved, because the horrors of this virtual world are coming to an end, and I’m ready to get back to my estrogen-filled reality.