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Is henry cavill dating anyone

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“I think they’re writing it right now.” Like the rest of us, Ferguson is trying to get details on what adventures lie ahead for Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt.“I’m trying to get information from Chris,” she says of the film’s writer and director Christopher Mc Quarrie.

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However, after she broke up with him and/or dumped him [more likely], he apparently went off the rails quite a bit.But alas, he’s done both these things recently, to the fury and disappointment of his legion of fans.For example, his recent girlfriend, Marisa Gonzalo, was a 21-year-old girl who would often post pictures about killing animals and then brag about it.He shared the exclusive details on the Ellison also teased Henry's role! Chris is back, obviously, writing and directing after Rogue Nation.We could not be more excited about the character Henry Cavill’s going to play.Henry Cavill’s behavior over the past few months has been astounding to the public, to say the least.

Henry’s never been known to act out or get wasted at a party, especially not publicly, not has he ever seemed like the guy to date a known animal-killer.

UPDATE: Rebecca Ferguson talked to ET Canada about her return to the action franchise, and she was asked about Henry: The movie’s plot is so under wraps, Ferguson has yet to meet co-star Henry Cavill, who joins the cast in the upcoming film.

“I’m pretty excited,” she says of Cavill’s casting.

Since then, she hasn’t been posting anything Henry-related online, which obviously indicates that he DID dump her – or at the very least, that the two did break up.

Plus, Henry’s been partying in LA for the past two weeks of award season, and he definitely hasn’t been behaving like a man with a girlfriend.

There is no word on when he will be joining the Mission: Impossible 6 production.