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Matt tuck dating

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We didn’t have anything, we were losing jobs, we were broke, I was in debt up to my eyeballs, so the only thing that has changed is financial security and a lifestyle thing, but we are still the same people that we were, we are just fortunate to have a job doing something that we totally adore.

That’s what I’ve always done really, and I feel like people really like that.It’s a great opportunity to play in front of people who wouldn’t normally come to see you or give a shit, but the at same time, it’s kind of nice to be the black sheep of all the bunch by being the heaviest or more alternative or weirdest, that way you do stand out and you do make an impact.That was the reason for us doing Warped three years ago, it was because we were by far the heaviest act on there, and it certainly worked to our advantage.Their third effort, , testifies that digging deep into the mines of metal still produces sterling results. Matt Tuck: No, our biggest objective was to make a great sounding album. I think that’s why you’re picking up on the fact that it’s so instantly recognizable that it’s us.“Your Betrayal” is an instant powder keg that gets its fuse ignited by a stick of dynamite, and “Pleasure And Pain” scorches and claws at the skin like the unforgiving desert sun, while contrastingly “A Place Where You Belong” deviates with its plush mourning. We just wrote like we did in days, we loved it, and we weren’t trying to please anyone else but ourselves.To shift gears a bit, you guys are the heaviest band on Bamboozle Festival this year.

Is that why you signed on, to just blow everyone out of the water?

We’ve done the hard work now, we’ve cemented ourselves in the music world and we’re very comfortable with what we do and who we are. We’re a good band, and we’re capable of big things as long as we keep working hard and keep doing what we do. How has the success affected you personally, like on a day-to-day basis? Me and the boys still live in Wales, we haven’t moved out anywhere and done the rock star thing, you know move to L. We get to have quite a nice lifestyle because of it.

Having the experience that we’ve had over the last six years has definitely cemented the belief in ourselves, and we’ve been just as hungry as we’ve ever been. That’s the only thing that has changed with us really, having a great job and the opportunity to have nice things and not having to struggle anymore like we did before we got signed.

Since we got signed, we’ve become even more hard working and humble, so we are not taking it for granted.

We are extremely thankful that we’ve been given the opportunity and we are just trying to hold onto it, really.

Yeah, that’s definitely the thinking behind the song.