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Michelle fairley and richard madden dating

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When we meet this time, in a central London hotel, that barnet is on full, lustrous display.

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An upper-middle-class teenager who stood up to her father. So when it came to making the film adaptation of Brittain's Testament of Youth, the producers knew their casting had to be pitch-perfect. "She's an extraordinary young lady and she's not going to go with just anyone.Folded as casually as he can into an upright chair in the large suite, packet of fags twitchily to hand, Harington shrugs. I'd like to cut this off and have short hair for this [film], naturally.But that was the only way we could do it."Playing the male lead in Testament of Youth offered a drawing together of his interests, personal and professional.Last year, he also shot Spooks: The Greater Good, a "high-octane" big-screen outing for the long-running BBC spy drama that's due in cinemas in May, plus a mockumentary for HBO in which he plays "an unbelievably thick tennis player.I've never dipped my toe into comedy so I hope it will be funny to watch".A girl determined to follow her own intellectual path, all the way to Oxford. So I needed an actor who could be someone that she would respect and admire, and would see in Vera the qualities that she brings into the world. And at the same time he's incredibly handsome and quite rugged.

And Kit Harington did that," states the filmmaker of the actor he cast in the pivotal part of Roland Leighton, Brittain's first love, a poet and young officer killed on the Western Front aged only 20."Kit's very soulful. That combination provided a complexity that in a way elevated Vera.

But refreshingly he admits that he got both of those wrong – the accent he was using "sounded generic and clichéd", to such an extent that it would "distance" audiences."James [Kent] was quite right in saying to me: 'You need to remember that he's 19, he's falling in love for the first time, he's a teenager – he's young, he's young, he's young'," he recounts, snapping his fingers rapidly.

"I was 27 when I did it; I was almost 10 years older than him. Because there's plenty of time for the serious change in him that happens, for the solemn part of Roland [once he's gone to war], later."Kit Harington was first exposed to – and thrilled by – acting, courtesy of his family's repeated outings to the theatre.

I think in retrospect [the writers] needed somebody to go on an emotional journey…Catelyn goes through the loss of her husband, the loss of her children and eventually makes the decision to kill herself because she thinks that there’s nothing left to live for — and they thought, because of the final scenes in posits that Catelyn’s murder of Walder Frey’s young wife in the immediate wake of her son Robb’s death was a suicidal act, as she knew it meant her life was forfeit. I hate everything about it.” So don’t expect her to be cropping up in a lot of American-produced shows or movies.

Speaking of the Red Wedding, Fairley said that director David Nutter told her to play it “on a level” with Walder Frey, and anyone who remembers her intense performance as a proud but cornered mother threatening to kill Frey’s wife before his eyes if he didn’t give her what she wanted will probably agree that she succeeded.

I wasn't obsessed with heroism and duty; I had a very cynical view of all that stuff."He admits he duly brought those old-fashioned virtues to his initial scenes on set.