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Any that appear too narrow will be altered by the webmistress.

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Anyone who wants to contribute financially toward a particular situation described here should contact to insure that their donation will be tax-deductible.Please describe situations in your community to enroll and enlist others in helping you.Visitors are invited to contact you directly to offer help with fostering/transporting/ trapping/adoption screening.Please if anyone can help with this problem email me at [email protected] I will be purchasing a trailer to set up as a feral relocation site in the spring.We have recently left the Alley Cat Friends Society so we are looking for a name for our group. Someone wrote -- "Great site, however, i think you should include links to the washington humane society's adoption and foster pages!!!I only know that living miles away from all of the horror, I think about all the furry felines that will not have the special care that they have had and want to send this to you so you know that somebody in Kansas cares. good day this is my first time here and my reason for visiting is maybe a bit diffrent then most of the others. I manage a colony of 9 (down from thirty-something) and do what I can to help others with colonies and needy animals. My name is Alicia Key and I hope someday to build the best organization for both homeless strays and homeless people.

I'm an israeli and i would like to make a pamphlet about street cats and try to avoce people in my neighbourhood to do something about the suffernig of these cats. Yes I will provide food and shelter for both but for homeless strays I will also provide medical attention and adoption unit.

This Cat Community Bulletin Board is for rescuers to share non-specific information about where help is needed.

Very general locations only please (to protect the cats and ourselves).

The cats need to be moved to a safe location and the one female (I call her the mother of all living) needs to be caught. I haven't been trapping lately so there are some older kittens now who need to be neutered but I just don't have the time and I spend a lot of time as it is, just purchasing food for them and feeding them.

Is there anyone who could offer me some assistance and help these cats? My name is Teressa, I live in Wichita Falls, Texas.

We will pay it electronically (by credit card) to your local vet or low-cost spay neuter clinic.