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Updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d

updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d-38

Each device has its own kernel, dtb and root filesystem, or they can share some parts.

updating image u boot 2016 08 svn587 for imap d-23

It is possible to extend SWUpdate writing a handler, that implements the part of the proprietary protocol to perform the upgrade on the micro-controller.Because the external parser can be written in LUA and it is completely customizable, everybody can set his own rules. By identifying which is the running device, the parser return a table containing the images that must be installed and their associated handlers.For this specific example, the sw-description is written in XML format, with tags identifying the images for each device. By reading the delivered image, SWUpdate will ignore all images that are not in the list processed by the parser.For example we can think at a project with a main processor and one or several micro-controllers.Let’s say for simplicity that the main processor communicates with the micro-controllers via UARTS using a proprietary protocol.If started for a remote update, SWUpdate starts an embedded Web-server and waits for requests.

The operator must upload a suitable image, that SWUpdate checks and then install.

One use case is to update from an external local media, as USB-Pen or SD-Card.

In this case, the update is done without any intervention by an operator: it is thought as “one-key-update”, and the software is started at reset simply pressing a key (or in any way that can be recognized by the target), making all checks automatically.

To flash the Android firmware from U-Boot, you must program a kernel (boot.img), a recovery boot image (recovery.img), and a root file system image (system.img) in the device's e MMC.

Follow these steps to program Android in the e MMC of your Connect Core 6: Note U-Boot dub-2015.04-r3.1 (Mar 14 2016 - ) CPU: Freescale i.

Of course, by streaming it is not possible to make checks on the whole delivered software before installing.