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Who is ray allen dating

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Curry, for example, entered this season searching for his fifth.In 2005-06, Allen hit a career-high 269 treys while playing for the Seattle Super Sonics, turning his shot chart into a work of art.

But this isn't going to stop the questions about whether Rondo's mature enough to be depended on at point guard.So, after Allen officially announced his retirement Tuesday morning, Rondo was asked for his reaction. First things first: We can kind of justify Rondo’s comments here, since Allen hadn’t played since the 2013-14 season and essentially had finished his playing career, even if he reportedly mulled a few comeback offers in the last two years.But it’s impossible to consider the backstory between the two and not think Rondo is throwing a little shade at his ex-teammate.“When you get to the NBA, you won’t always play cards with the boys,” Allen writes.“Some people will assume you’re not being a good teammate.” It’s possible we’re reading way too much into Rondo’s comments — or lack thereof — on Allen’s retirement, but he didn’t exactly heap platitudes on the 10-time All-Star as many others did throughout the day Tuesday.Beginning with his rookie season, in 1996-97, Allen connected on at least 100 three-pointers in 17 different seasons, an all-time record.

He finished his career with 15 consecutive seasons of at least 100 three-pointers made.

Paul Pierce told’s Jackie Mac Mullan in a 2015 interview that Allen had a “weird” relationship with his Celtics teammates, adding that the sharpshooter “probably didn’t like Rondo that much” and once bailed on a team dinner to celebrate Rondo re-signing with the Celtics.

Allen may have hinted at that odd dynamic in his Players’ Tribune retirement letter, which mentions Pierce and Kevin Garnett but not Rondo.

‘The Shot’ With 28 seconds on the clock — 28 seconds away from losing an NBA title — and a four-point deficit, Miami’s odds of winning Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals were 66 to 1.

You know the rest: Miami cuts the deficit to three, then, with less than 15 seconds remaining, Le Bron James misses a contested three-pointer.

Miami’s Josh Richardson hit 53 three-pointers last season, his first in the league.