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Whos been dating hannah waterman

'"Your precedent," I continued, "is a bit over the top when it comes to having a good time and I'll worry if you do the same.

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'Although I did used to wonder if I had any brothers and sisters, that I didn't know about,' admits Hannah, 32.I certainly hadn't envisaged a twist in the storyline where it's revealed her character isn't my daughter!' For once father and daughter are in perfect agreement, Hannah commenting: 'It was certainly a bit of a surprise, that particular plot development. You get the script and just do your job.' The revelation guarantees some pretty awkward conversations between Gerry and Emily. 'There were some tricky exchanges when Dad was with Rula ,' says Hannah, 'but they weren't specifically to do with him and me, they were to do with a relationship that affected a lot of people.I go round to your house, try and engage conversation, and you won't turn down the volume on the TV because you're watching golf or your beloved Chelsea.'So I talk and talk and talk until eventually you admit defeat, turn down the volume and say: "All right, I suppose I've got to talk to you now, haven't I?Acting is my trade, but it's not the most physical of jobs," he told the Daily Star.

"I'm 45 now, and at my age we can all get a bit lethargic."'Splash' returns to ITV1 on January 5 and will also star TOWIE's Gemma Collins, pop star Una Foden and Hollyoaks actress Gemma Merna.

'He was going to be staying the night and at some point during the evening, you said "I'm afraid I don't know what the sleeping arrangements are between you two," rather than just giving him his own room! ' This kind of gentle sniping goes on all the time, between Dennis, 60, and his daughter, who played the role of Laura Beale in East Enders.

Dennis, for example, has strong views on Hannah's time in the BBC1 soap.

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Explains Dennis: 'Emily has always believed that my character, Gerry, was her father but during a grilling from a barrister in a court case, and with Emily sitting in the public gallery, Gerry reveals the truth. He doesn't actually say he's not Emily's father but she is left with the distinct impression that he isn't.' It was Dennis who suggested his daughter for the role of Emily, so isn't it a bit embarrassing for him that, as it turns out, she's not actually playing his flesh and blood? 'I thought it was a good idea, at the time I suggested it.